Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Flash Sale ! ! !

Make sure you have a white Christmas!

Snow white Maltese and West Highland Terrier pups now reduced to just $1000 each.

Check the links to the right for more information and pictures.
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Friday, November 30, 2018

Mini Golden Doodles ready for their new homes!!!

We have two litters of gorgeous mini Golden Doodles available at this time for $1500 each.
Moms are English Cream Golden Retrievers and dad is a small red mini poodle.
Should weigh in the 20-30# weight range when full grown.  Little to no-shed mix.  Great family pets.
Very well socialized.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving to all!! What!!!!! Another Sale . . . . .

At B and C Kennels we have so much to be thankful for.  Our son-in-law, Brian who has been working with us for almost two years is now a managing partner.  When we started our little kennel 12 years ago we never dreamed our reputation and growth would skyrocket!
That is thanks to all of our loyal clients.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!
As a hands on business owner, I felt I could never be too far away from the phone or kennel 7 days a week.  Brian has allowed us to have some time for ourselves and still be involved in day to day goings on. 
Our youngest was married in August and we celebrated a beautiful union and wedding and welcomed not only a new son-in-law but also his little 7 year old son into our lives.
After some scary medical things going on within the family, we are very thankful that everyone is healthy and doing well. 
We hope that all is well in your families and that you have much to be thankful for!

Black Friday through Cyber Monday every puppy is discounted between $50 to $200.
Check the links for particulars.

These prices will end on Monday at closing, give us a call and schedule a visit.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Countdown begins . . .

Christmas is approximately 8 weeks away.  Therefore, we know what has been born and what will be ready before the big day.
As noted in the previous post, we don't have the availability that we usually have in December.  We bred less dogs this year than last and like I mention year after year, once they are spoken for, I can't go to the factory and order more.

I have updated the links to the right of all the dates that the pups will be ready for their new homes.  We suggest, if you are considering this to get your $50 deposit placed on a particular litter that you are interested in.  Our deposit policy works as follows:
It never commits you to bringing one of our pups into your family, it merely is a way of assuring that when you arrive the breed and gender choice that you have chosen will be available for you to meet.  Once you meet them, if you are not 100% sure that this is the pup or breed for you, we will be happy to move that deposit to another litter or refund it.    We will not refund if you call us and tell us that you changed your mind or got a pup elsewhere.  In order to get a refund, you must show up for the visit and meet the pups. 

We will hold a pup that you choose for a fee.  The fee is $10 a night and can pup can be picked up through 12/24 at 1 pm.

We strongly encourage you to take your pup home at the time of sale.  Make it an early gift. 

When we hold pups for later pickups, we are caring for them and keeping them current on their vaccines, therefore, the charges help to recover our costs. 

Monday, October 22, 2018

Thoughts on advantages of taking a pup home who is a few weeks older.

Traditionally everyone who is thinking about a puppy at this time of year, choose to wait until we are closer to the holidays to make it a family "gift".  That is why we have pups that haven't found their new homes as soon as we had hoped. 
Once these sale pups are gone, it is unlikely we will have any pups that will be discounted. 
The closer we get to December the bigger the demand.  We are already forecasting less pups available this December than we had last year as the moms just did not go into heat at the appropriate time. 
Within the next few weeks we should have a pretty accurate availability list of pups that will be ready between now and the end of the year and will get them all posted asap.

Please consider the above pups if you are thinking of a new addition.  In our opinion there is quite an advantage to getting a pup that is a few weeks older. 
#1  -  A little more mature, their bladders are bigger and we think that maturity actually lends itself to easier housebreaking.
#2  -  Most or all of the puppy shots have been taken care of which will save you quite a bit of money at your vets office.  They will still need rabies and spaying or neutering. 

We understand that Norman Rockwell vision in your head of a new puppy at Christmas jumping out of a box.  That isn't always how it works out.  It is very stressful to bring a new pup home at Christmastime due to the flurry of activity and stress that can be felt by a pup.  That is not to say it is wrong to do it at that time.  We get it, when our kids where little, a few years (ok so maybe not a few) ago, we presented them with a pup on Christmas Day, so we do understand.  However, it is something to think about. 

Please call the office for more information or questions of how the holiday season will be progressing here at B & C Kennels.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Newest Litter of Golden Doodles are now ready for their new homes!!!!

Update:  10-2-18.  This whole litter has found their new homes.  We have two more upcoming litters that will be available starting October 12 and October 19.  We are keeping the next two litters at $1500.  Check the link to the right for more info and pics.
They are as cute as can be.  Litter of 8.  We still have 6 pups available for their new homes.  3 girls and three boys.  Our usual price for Golden Doodles is $1900 but we have priced this litter at $1500!
Great time to get a quality pup at a fantastic price.
Mom is a mix between an English Cream and a regular Golden Retriever and dad is a Mini Red poodle.
These pups should be in the 25-35# weight range and have little to no shed.
Check the link to the right for pictures of all of the pups.  These cuties are waiting for you to give them a new home!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Discounted pups and Holiday Hours listed Below.

OMG  where did the summer go.  Cannot believe we are coming up on Labor Day.

We have had a very busy summer here.  Our youngest daughter was married on August 11 and it was an absolutely beautiful wedding.  Kept us quite busy.

Our managing partner and son-in-law Brian and his family have purchased a home nearby.  Now his two little boys (the loves of my life along with my granddaughter) are here everyday after school.
Life is Good!

Labor Day weekend hours:
Saturday and Sunday, same as usual.  Appointments scheduled between 10 and 4.
Monday, Labor Day we will only be scheduling appointments up until noon.

The following pups are discounted.
Check the links to the right for more information and pictures along with the pups that are regularly priced.

One Maltipoo male from $800 to $650.
One Shihtese Female from $800 to $600.
Two Yorkies males from $1200 to $1000.00.
Two Teddy Bears, one male and one female from $900 to $700.  The rest of our teddies are priced at $800 at this time. 
One Bichonapoo male from $800 to $600.
One Schnauzer male from $900 to $800.

We are thankful that you have visited our site.