Yorkshire Terriers & Yorkipoos & Yorkichon

Yorkshire Terriers -Full Bred   $1200 plus tax.   

Info about the Yorkshire Terrier-

Yorkies are adventurous, busy, inquisitive, and bold. They tend to exercise themselves within
their homes. However, they do enjoy short walks.
Their coats should be brushed every other day or so and they do require grooming.
Their lifespan is 14-16 years.


These pups are currently available - Price reduced to just $1000.00.

This boy has gorgeous silver hair.


Yorkipoos      $800.00 each plus tax

Mom is a toy poodle and dad is a Yorky. 
Pups will probably weigh in the 8-10# weight range when full grown.
Our next litter will be ready on August 28.   Two boys and three girls, all black and tan.
 We have two litters that will be ready for their new homes starting on September 28.  Both males and females will be available.
Taking deposits

Yorkichon- $800 each plus tax.

A yorkichon is a Yorkshire terrier mixed with a bichon.
Our yorkichons get about 10 pounds.
We do not have any Yorkichons at this time.