Shih Tzus & Shihpoos

Shih Tzus

Registered with CKC and microchipped
Our Shih Tzu are typically in the 8-10 pounds.

Info about the Shih Tzus-
The Shih Tzus were originally bred to be a  lapdog! They have an upbeat attitude and love to run and play. Shih Tzus are affectionate to their families and good with children.
They do need daily exercise. This can be met with indoor games or short walks.
Shih Tzus should not be outside for any length of time in humid weather. 
They should be brushed every other day and do require grooming.
Their life span is 11-14 years.

Next litter projecting to be ready second week of March 2021


Mom is a toy poodle and dad is an Imperial Shih Tzu.  
Our Shihpoos normally weigh around 8-12 pounds when full grown.

Next litter projecting to be ready Third week of February 2021
Updates and pics coming soon