Schnauzers and Schnoodles

Schnauzers are one of my first loves. I was raised with them, I raised my children with them and now my daughter is raising my granddaughter with 2 of them. They are extremely smart and loyal.

Pure Bred Mini Schnauzers

Generally we do not crop ears, we leave them natural, we dock their tails.
 Our Mini Schnauzers normally weigh 12-15 pounds.

Info about the Miniature Schnauzers-
Mini Schnauzers are playful, inquisitive, alert, spunky, and companionable. They are very well mannered housedogs. They enjoy sharing activities with there families.
They are clever, easily trained and enjoy children.
Their exercise requirements can be met with moderate walks or runs in the yard.
They need to be brushed once to twice a week and require grooming approximately every 6 weeks. Their life span is 12-14 years. 
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Our schnoodles typically weight 10-15# pounds when full grown.
  Mom is a mini Schnauzer and dad is a toy poodle. Schnoodles are the perfect mix. They are bold, daring, and sturdy enough that they will go and be adventurous with you. But at the end of the day they are perfectly happy with being lap dogs. They do not need a ton of exercise but they do require a short walk, or a run around the backyard. Both mom and dad are non shed dogs, so they are good for people that suffer from allergies. With that being said, they will need to be groomed every 6-8 weeks. Schnoodles are cool because you can keep there fur short and fluffy like a teddy bear,
or you can get a schnauzer cut done, and they look adorable in both!

Just one little boy still a\available from our litter of three and was born on 7-9-21.

All placed
$2450 each