Schnauzers and Schnoodles

Schnauzers are one of my first loves. I was raised with them, I raised my children with them and now my daughter is raising my granddaughter with 2 of them. They are extremely smart and loyal.

Pure Bred Mini Schnauzers

Registered with CKC
Generally we do not crop ears, we leave them natural, we dock their tails.


On October 5 we will have one male black and white schnauzer pup available.

Those above are the last litters priced at $800.

Taking Deposits

After October 15, Schnauzers will be priced at $900 each.


$750 - will include microchip.  
No pups available at this time.

This is the last litters that will be priced at $750.

After October 15 Schnoodles will be priced at $800 each.