Maltese & Maltipoo


 Mom is a toy poodle and dad is a Maltese. 
 Usually pups will weigh in the 8-10# weight range when full grown.
Great price for great pups. They make wonderful family pets. They are non shed so they are great for people that have allergies, they will need to get their fur groomed every 6-8 weeks. Maltipoos are 
a very happy go lucky breed. They have the malteses small size and playfulness, and the poodles
smarts and eagerness to please. Maltipoos are another one of our top picks for families. 


A litter of five should be ready mid-march.
Blue merles and White and blacks.
Once you see on the homepage that we are announcing them, we will begin taking deposits.


Info about the Maltese-
The Maltese are fearless dogs;  they are very trusting and affectionate.
The exercise requirements of the maltese are easily met with indoor games and runs around the yards
or short walks. They should be brushed every other day or so and do require grooming. 
 There lifespan is 12-14 years. 

No pups available.