French Bulldogs & Frenchtons

French Bulldogs


Registered with CKC.

Info about the French Bulldog-
There original function was for a lapdog. The French bulldog enjoys playing, entertaining there
family, sweet, companionable, and willing to please. They get 25-30 pounds. They enjoy running outside, but do not require a whole lot of exercise. A short walk can meet there exercise requirements. They are susceptible to extreme heats and colds. There life span is 9-11 years.
One little girl still available from this litter.   Her mama is a blue brindle.  Beautiful pups.
For breeding rights, call the office for pricing.


 Litter of 6 pups will be ready for their new homes on September 9th.
5 girls and one boy.  Parents of this litter are on site.  Peggy is the mom and Toby is the dad. 
The picture above shows the new mom, Peggy and her
litter of six pups.
The picture above is a close-up of Peggy's six puppies.
This is Toby - Dad

Another litter of pups was born in one of our guardian homes.  Three fawn pups ready on September 14.  Two boys and one girl. 
Girl in the center, two boys on the sides.


French Bulldog/Boston Terrier Mix

$1200.00 Each 


The following litter is now ready for their new homes.    Regular price of $1200 applies to those shown below.
Another litter of frenchtons will be available starting September 7.
4 boys and one girl.


Updated pics of pups shown above.


One more male pup we did not get an updated pic of.
Taking Deposits