Bichons & Bichonapoos

Pure-bred Bichon Frise  - $800 each  -  CKC registered. 

Great breed for those who suffer from allergies.  Also, check out our poodles.  They are known to be good choices for allergy sufferers.
Our next litter of Bichons will be ready for their new homes on April 27.
Their dob is 2-25-17.  Three girls and two boys are in this litter.
Three Girls

Two Boys
Taking Deposits 

Bichonapoos - $750 each plus tax

This litter is currently ready for their new homes.
 Their DOB is 2-7-17.
All of the pups shown below have either one blue eye or both eyes are blue.  It is awesome! 
The center pup is a boy with two blue eyes.  Gorgeous!  The other two have found their new homes.
Three boys are left.
The one on the far right has found his home.

Taking Deposits