Bichons & Bichonapoos

Pure-bred Bichon Frise  - $900 each plus tax  -  CKC registered. 

Great breed for those who suffer from allergies.  Also, check out our poodles.  They are known to be good choices for allergy sufferers.
Info about the Bichon Frise-
Bichons are perky, bouncy, playful, and happy-go-lucky.  They are very good with children and make wonderful family pets.
They are very affectionate and require daily exercise. Their  needs can be met with indoor play, a run around the yard, or a short walk. The Bichon needs to be brushed about every other day and does require grooming approximately every 6 weeks.   Their life span is 12-15 years.
This pup is ready for his new home!
He just got his first haircut and is cute as can be and was great on the grooming table.
Will post a new pic asap.
DOB is 2-13-18
Discounted to $700.00

Male - DOB 2-13-18
Two males shown below were born on 4-8-18 and priced at the regular price of $900.


We will have another litter available July 6th of  4 males and 1 female. 
We will have a litter available July 19th as well.
Taking deposits


$800.00 each plus tax.
Bichon is the mom and dad is the toy poodle.

July 6th we will have a litter of males and females available.

Taking Deposits.