Chihuahuas Mixes


Info about the Dachshund-
Dachshunds are bold, curious, and always up for an adventure.
They are good with children but need special care with their long backs. 
The Dachshunds exercise requirements can be met with a moderate walk and games in the yard.
They do well in city life or apartment living.   The long haired Dachshund needs
to be brushed once or twice a week.   Their life span is 12-18 years.

No pups available.


Info on the Chihuahua-
The Chihuahua is said to be one of the favorite toy dog breeds due to their loyalty to
their families.  They do get along well  with other household dogs and pets.
The Chihuahua can maintain there exercise requirements by running around the house; however they do enjoy short walks.
Long Hair chihuahuas should be brushed two to three times a week.
Their life span is 14-18 years.