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Info about the Toy Poodle-The Poodle is amongst one of the brightest and easiest to train. They are alert, responsive,

playful, lively, sensitive, and eager to please. They need a lot of interaction with people.
They need both mental and physical exercise. There exercise needs can be meet with short outside walks, and indoor games. A poodles fur should be brushed every other day or so. There life span
is 12-14 years. 
 Our Toy Poodles are typically in the 8-10# range. 
This little boy is now ready for his new home.  The pictures color is off.  He is a beautiful dark red color.   $1000.00.
Two red males will be available starting August 31.  $1000.00 each.
The following litter of 6 will available September 14.  Three girls and three boys.
They are in the chocolate family of color.  $900 each.
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