Cavapoos, Cavachons, & Cavaliers


$1500 each plus tax.

Mom is a King Charles Cavalier, dad is a toy poodle.
Our Cavapoos range from 10-25# when full grown.

Pup shown below is now ready for his new home.

They will be on the larger size range.  Probably in the 18-25# weight range when full grown.
The girl of the litter will stay a little smaller, 12-18 pounds.
Super social pups!

This pup is available to go to his new home.


On December 20, our last litter for the year there is a litter of three males that are also white with red markings. $1500


$1200 each plus tax.
The mom is a King Charles Cavalier, the dad is a bichon.
Our Cavachons will get to 12-25 pounds.

This pup is available.
Special price of $1100 each.


Another litter will be ready on December 20.  Two sable and white females and one female and 2 male pups that are White with apricot spots. 
$1200 applies to those shown below.
Two boys 

Three girls

Taking deposits!


$1200 each plus tax.

Info about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-
The Cavalier is described as the ideal house pet. They are sweet, playful,
willing to please and affectionate. One of their original functions was to be the perfect lapdog.
They do need a fair amount of exercise a day. A moderate walk or a run in the back yard will do.
They also do enjoy exploring. Their coats do need brushing about every other day or so.
Their life span is 9-14 years.

No pups available.