Cavapoos, Cavachons, & Cavaliers


The mother is a King Charles Cavalier, and father is a toy poodle.
Our Cavapoos range from 10-25# when full grown. Cavapoos are wonderful because they tend to be a very relaxed go with the flow type dogs, but also tend to have the poodle smarts. Most Cavapoos are very low shed dogs, they do require grooming about every 6-8 weeks. Most of them can get there extra energy out by going for short walks or by running around the backyard/house.
 They make wonderful family dogs, they are small enough to be lap dogs but big enough to be adventurous with your family. 
Hands down one of our top choices, they are a great breed.

Next litter is Ivy's - ready for their new homes on September 17

$3450 plus tax.  

Reds= will post puppy pics asap





The mother is a King Charles Cavalier, the father is a bichon.
Our Cavachons will get to 12-25 pounds.

We will not have any cavachons between now and the end of the year. If you google the differences between Cavapoo and cavachons and you will find they are very similar in looks and traits. 
We have quite a few cavapoos available now and upcoming.

No pups at this time next projected litter spring 2022.


Info about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-

The Cavalier is described as the ideal house pet. They are sweet, playful,
willing to please and affectionate. One of their original functions was to be the perfect lapdog.
They do need a fair amount of exercise each day, however, a moderate walk or a run in the back yard will do the trick!
They also do enjoy exploring. Their coats do need brushed out every other day or so.
Their life span is 9-14 years.

No pups at this time. Projecting Winter2021 spring 2022