Pups on Special

The pups in this section are all a little older than our current litters.

In our opinion, a little bit older is a little bit easier to train.
They have larger bladders and attention spans.
The staff here actually prefers to get their pups at this age as they learn more quickly.
This is the equivalent of trying to potty train your child at the age of 1 year vs. when they are 2 years of age. 

It also saves you money not only on the cost of the pup but on your vet bills as most of them have all of their puppy immunizations and only need rabies and a few just need one more puppy vaccine and then rabies. 

Most of the pups have had their first grooming so that they are getting used to that process as well. 

Teddy Bear

Female DOB is 2-7-19 - $700