Boston Terriers & Pugs

 Boston Terriers 

All pups are microchipped. 

Now reduced to $1100 each plus tax.

Boston Terries are known for:
Their sensitivity and devotion to their owners. 
They are clever and easily trained.
They need daily exercise which can be met with playing outside, or being taken on a short walk. 
They are very sensitive to extreme heat and cold. Their lifespan is 10-14 years.

No pups at this time.

Pure Bred Pug Pups 

$1400.00 plus tax - Includes Microchip
limited CKC registration 
Our pugs normally get up to 18 pounds.

Info about the Pug-
This breed is very comedic, they a playful, and confident. The pug needs daily exercise,
a moderate walk or a decent amount of play time with met there daily requirements.
Pugs do not do we in extreme heats and colds. There original function was for a lapdog! Their life span is 12-15 years.

No pups at this time.