Bernadoodles and Irishdoodles


The cross between a female Bernese mountain and a Poodle results in the fluffy, teddy bear-like Bernedoodle – a gentle, goofy, and friendly crossbreed. Bernedoodles are attractive dogs because they are more hypoallergenic than most dog breeds due to their Poodle parent contribution. Also, they are bred to be companion dogs, rather than show dogs, turning out to be loving family pets.

There are three sizes of the Bernedoodle: standard, mini, and toy. They are considered intelligent and responsive, very fond of people and children, and also friendly towards other pets. They can be stubborn as puppies, but this characteristic tends to fade with age. Because they are a hybrid dog, they are healthier than their parents. They enjoy both playtime and cuddling with their owners

$1950 plus tax

November 2021

 Miniature Irish Doodles

  Our Irishdoodle mother, Sunshine, weighs about 37# and our mini Red Poodle, Frankie, weighs about 12#.  These pups will be in the 20-35# weight range when full grown. Sunny and Frankie both Live at our Clare IL home and are often seeing running the fields chasing everything.  
These dogs are very smart and easily trained. They run and jump with the grace of an Irish Setter, and are gorgeous to see in motion.  

$3450 plus tax