Goldendoodles, Golden Retrievers, and Irish Doodles


We cannot say enough great things about this breed. They come in sizes from micro to standard.
10 pounds to 75 pounds, it doesn't matter if you like tiny, big, or in between. Goldendoodles
are very smart dogs. We will give you a little background knowledge on this mixed breed.
Both the poodle and the golden retriever were originally hunting dogs. They were bred to go out and work for hours and hours. They can be strong willed because of what they were bred to do back in the day.  However, at the end of the day also eager to please. 
With that being said, they are mid to high energy dogs. The best
way to meet their requirements is to take them on 2 walks a day, or if you have a backyard let them 
run around and play multiple times a day. You can find these guys living in apartments, in the city and running around on a farm. They are easily adaptable and just love to be with their families. 
They are sturdy enough to tag along with you and do whatever your doing. Whether it is hiking,
swimming (these guys LOVE water), hanging out with family and friends, being adventurous, or at the end of the day just relaxing and watching tv.  Another awesome thing about goldendoodles 
is they can be F1s or F2s. F1 means that mom is a purebred golden retriever and dad is a purebred 
poodle. F2 means mom is a Goldendoodle and dad is a poodle. Then there is double doodles. Were both mom and dad are doodles. How cool is that!? F1s are low shedding,
with them you may see some shedding but it is nowhere near like a golden retriever.   
For a F2 and double doodle you have little to no shedding. They all are good for people that have allergies. They will need to be groomed about every 6-8 weeks.  
We absolutely love this breed here at B and C kennels, and we 
love seeing how many families these pups bring joy to.

Micro Goldendoodle


Just this one little boy is still looking for his new home.

DOB is 7-3-20

Golden Retrievers - Pure Bred


No pups at this time.