Saturday, February 27, 2021

Dachshund Puppy

 Good thing, I am really good at birthing, raising, caring and socializing pups, because I absolutely stink at this techie stuff.

Was wondering why we haven't had any calls on this gorgeous little girl.  It is because, the link I added is not working.  She is a sassy pants and loves everyone.   She also has one bright blue eye and looks very much like dad.   $1950.

Signing off here for now, have to get a hold of my IT department to try to get that link working.   (My son)  lol

                                                              Female DOB is 12-15-20
                                                   Dad                                       Baby with mama

Friday, February 5, 2021

Spring is on it's way.

If you are on a mobile device you need to scroll down and hit view web version and the breed specific links will pop up with pictures and DOB.

Although, looking out the window today and hearing the winds last night, didn't seem so.
But we are on the downhill slide now towards springtime and renewal of the earths flowers and trees. Because litters are ready at different times, we know this homepage can get confusing.

So, we are going to try this:                                                           

Ready for their new homes now:
2 Corgi males shown on special page.  $950 each

The above pups have been reduced in price and we have them listed on the special page link,

Upcoming pups are listed on their breed specific links to the right.

Also ready for their new homes now are:
Aussiepoos $2450 one female available
Boston Terriers   $2450 one female available
Standard Poodles AKC/CKC Papers available $1950 Pet    $2450 with breeding rights
Mini Golden Doodles  $3950       Mom is a small goldendoodle and dad is a toy poodle  15-25# only two males available.
Cavapoos  $3950 only 1 male available
One female mini Dachshund  $1950
Toy Red  Poodles   $3950 one male one female available accepting deposits.

Ready March 5
Fawn Pugs $2450
Shih Tzus $2950
Shihpoo $2450
Aussiepoos $2450
Yorkipoos  $1950

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Toy Aussiepoos, Red toy Poodles and cockapoos ready for their new homes on February 5. Cavapoo's, F1 Mini Goldendoodles and F1b red mini Goldendoodles will be ready February 15 if viewing on mobile or tablet switch to web version to get more pictures and details.

 These are from our small toy aussie mama and a very small toy poodle.  These pups usually stay in the 12ish# weight range.  They are non shed and absolutely beautiful little pups.

$2450 each.  Two females.                         Taking deposit.   Ready on February 5.



Ready on February 5 is a litter of cockapoos.  Four males.  They are $2450.  We are accepting deposits.



Red  female toy poodles $3450 plus tax Now showing

A litter of yorkipoos, three females and one male showings start on February 8. 
They are white with black markings.  


Cavapoos Ruby red $3950 plus tax Showings start February 15th

   Two boys one girl available  for deposit                                                                        

F1 mini golden doodle $2950 plus tax Showings start February 15th

one female available  for deposit                                                                                 

F1b Ruby red Mighty mini $3950 plus tax Showings start February 19th

  Two females one male available for deposit                                                                               

End of February we will have  another litter of Yorkipoo's, Toy red poodles and Shihpoos. Early March brings hope of spring and  ShihTzu's another litter of Toy Aussiepoo's, pugs and boston terriers..    Check links to the right that are breed specific for updates with pics and time frames.  

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

New litter are ready for their new homes starting this Friday, January 15.

 We still have some of the pups that are mentioned below ready for their new homes, along with four new litters.

Standard Golden Doodle males $1950

Toy Poodles, dark red females $3950

French Bulldogs $3450

One Cocker Spaniel male $1950