Thursday, September 26, 2019

how in the heck did this year fly by so quickly ? ? ?

Wow, I could swear I was just wondering when summer would finally get here and we are already into the fall season.  I guess Mother Nature is paying us back for the late start to summer by giving us fantastic weather so late in the year.  I am OK with that!

The holiday season is approaching fast and we know that families are thinking about a new pup for the end of the year. 
First of all, I will give my annual "talk". 
Getting a puppy as a Christmas Gift to surprise the kids on Christmas morning can be a great Kodak moment in your mind.  It doesn't always work that way.  You are stressed and tired, a flurry of activity is all around you and the PUP.  Pups can feel stressed and it sometimes is not the very best scenario.
With that being said, I totally did it when my kids were little and I understand if you decide to go that way.
Let me give you a few things to ponder.  Would it make more sense to get a pup within the next few weeks while the weather is still nice and get it potty trained before the flurry of holidays is upon us.
How about taking him home the weekend after Thanksgiving, when the hubbub has died down a little and the pup can get acclimated to the family before the next big event.
How about choosing the puppy and letting us hold the pup til December 26 or sometime that week.
You can wrap a collar and dog dishes and that sort of thing.
A few years ago, a family participated in an Elf on the Shelf event in their house.  In mid-December, the elf had a letter that directed them to our address without mentioning why.  When they got here there was another letter written by Santa waiting for the children that stated that it was far too cold to put pups on his sleigh Christmas Eve, therefore, they left the pups here for them to choose.
If you really want to do the Christmas morning thing, we can work with that too.  Try to make sure that the day isn't going to be super chaotic and the puppy will have time to rest.  Passing the puppy all day long is not a good idea.  Play for 30 minutes, rest for 2 hours and so on. 
Within the next few weeks, we should have our final list of what will be available between now and the end of the year.  We have a limited amount of pups that will be available and once they are spoken for, we cannot make a phone call to a warehouse to get new stock.  Keep your eye on the website for breed and timeframe you are looking for.  Once you find a litter that meets your criteria, give the office a call and place a $50 deposit on that litter.  Just remember, if you change your mind, find a pup elsewhere or just don't show up for your appointment, you will forfeit your deposit.  As long as you show up for your appointment, if you decide to take a pup that $50 will be deducted from your total.  If you decide to wait for another litter, we can hold the deposit.  If you decide this just isn't going to work for you, we will refund the deposit. 
Those who want to hold a pup til Christmas; we are offering the following:  If you schedule a visit Black Friday or later, choose a pup and pay in full, we have limited availability to hold your pup until December 23 for a $10 a night holding fee.  During this time, if they are due for additional vaccines, they will receive them while here.  We always keep our pups current on their vaccines no matter what the time of year. 
Just an FYI as I just realized this myself.  Thanksgiving is very late this year.  There is only 3 weeks between the two holidays.  It is going to come up fast on us.
As always, we are here for you 7 days a week.  And that applies to before you get your pup and for the following years after your pup has joined your family.