Monday, July 2, 2018

Just Discounted quite a few more puppies!

Our Cavapoo moms and Shihpoo moms all seemed to have their litters at the same time, which means we have quite a few pups available and we want to see them go to their new homes.
We have discounted the following:
All Cavapoos from $1200 to $900. 
Two Bugs from $1200 to $900.
One Frenchtons from $1200 to $1000.
Four Shih Tzus, normally priced at $700. 
Shihpoos from $800 to $700.

Pics and updated prices are located on the breed specific links. 
Give us a call to schedule a visit!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Holiday Weekend begins!

Please remember that fireworks can be very stressful to your four legged family member.  Keep them inside as much as possible and please, please, please! do not take them to firework displays. 
The staff here at B & C Kennels wishes you all a happy, and safe celebration!