Friday, April 27, 2018

Our Labradoodle pups are still available & Mothers Day Hours

We will be opened on Mothers Days with shorter hours.
We are scheduling appointments from 10 am to 2 pm so that our staff can enjoy Mothers Day.

5-8 update.  Just one little girl is still available from this litter. 
These pups have the nicest temperament and are very quick learners.
We are personally keeping a pup from this litter as we were so impressed with how quick they are learning.  I taught her to sit and fetch in a single 15 minute training session.  They are First generation doodles.  What does that mean?  Mom is a small Labrador, about 55# and dad is a standard Poodle about 50#.  Because they are first generation they are shedding a bit.  We are not sure if this is puppy hair and once it is gone, there will be little to no shed or if they will always lose some hair.  Second generation which would be a labradoodle to a poodle is usually when you have no shedding in this breed.  
We have discounted them to just $550 which is an amazing price for a pup like this, but they are growing in leaps and bounds and we really want to see them placed with their new families.