Saturday, April 7, 2018

Great Labradoodle pups are discounted to just $650! & Smokey is still looking for his new home.

They are a bundle of joy and energy.  Very loving, playful pups.  They are growing quickly and we would like to see them go to their new homes this weekend!
We have openings available for you to schedule all week, just give the office a call. 

Smokey is a wonderful dog.  He is a large beagle who basically wants a place to sleep, an outdoor area to play and to be fed.    He is 8 years old.  He came as a pup from our kennel and went to my sisters elderly neighbor.  My sister has been caring for him for the past few years as his owner has gotten forgetful.  My sister decided to move and the neighbor was very worried about who would take care of Smokey.  I agreed to bring him to our kennel to hopefully find him a permanent home for the rest of his life.  He has a gentle nature and is very compliant.  I am not sure he is housebroken, we have him in the kennel.  He never messes in his space and waits for us to take him out.  I think he could easily adapt if you were vigilant about his potty outings.  His re-home fee is $100.00.