Friday, October 27, 2017

Please do your homework!

With the holidays fast approaching;  we all will be bombarded with sad faces of pups and kittens from charities begging for donations.   Please, Please, Please do your research!
Unfortunately, there is so much propaganda out there that you don't know what to believe.  The animal rights activists want you to believe that you should never ever purchase from an "evil" breeder.  Adoption and rescue is the only way to go.  While we are firm believers in rescue, we also know that there are so many "rescue" scams going on and believe that as Americans we should be free to choose where we want our pup/dog to come from.  If you go to a rescue or shelter and find several litter of pups available, that is a big red flag!  Why would a "rescue" have litters of pups that could easily be sold through the breeder?  You will hear that the mom was rescued from a terrible "puppy mill" location.  The sad truth is there are some "rescues" that actually have breeding "mills" in order to fill the rescues with pups.  Do these pups need homes?  Of course they do, however, you are buying in to an ideology that you are "rescuing", when in reality it is no different than going to a pet store to purchase a pup. 
We encourage donations to true rescues and shelters that certainly can use help.  We also ask that you think twice before sending your donations to national sites that play on your heartstrings.  Very little actually goes to helping the pitiful animals they are showing you.  
Check out your local shelters, make sure they are legitimately taking in strays and local unwanted animals, not importing them from other states or countries.  Ask them how you can help.  Donate money or supplies.  This is needed all year long, not just during the holidays!  Helping to support those shelters, does not mean you should feel obligated to adopt.  As I said, Americans have the freedom of choice.  You should not feel guilty because you purchased a pup from a respected breeder.  The dogs in shelters need to be in homes where it is a good fit for the family and it isn't for everyone.    Please checkout the following website:
Do your research and you make the decision of the type of pet you want to bring into your own home. 
Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you have questions, we are here to help.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

New Pictures are now posted for litters that will be ready on October 19.

Just finished getting all of the new litters pics uploaded and ready for you to view.

We are now offering late appointments on Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays.

Give us a call for more information.