Saturday, July 23, 2016

When researching breed and facility, we strongly encourage you to research all avenues!

There are two sides to every story!! Here at B and C Kennels, we take great pride in the happiness that we have brought to thousands of families over the years.   Our kennel has a daily cleaning staff and every pup is touched and talked to every single day!  We are a cooperative kennel.  "What does that mean".  It means that at this time we raise French Bulldogs, Yorkies and Schnauzers.  We have family that also own kennels who raise the other pups that we are able to offer to our clients.  We are all licensed, very clean, very well run kennels. 
For the past few years, breeding kennels have been under attack by local "animal rights activists".  It doesn't matter to them what type of kennel you run.  If you breed a single dog, you must be a horrible person.  In their opinion, nobody should ever breed; adoption is the only way to go.  I could go on and on about "retail rescues".   Make no mistake that "rescues" have turned into a "retail" business who are now sheltered by paying no taxes and not having to adhere to all the care and housing standards that a licensed kennel does.   They also run on donations and volunteers.  Where are all those "adoption" fees going?  The most important thing to think about is what type of dog do you want in your life.  If saving an adult dog and giving them a great home is what your heart tells you to do, by all means, you should adopt.  But please do your research on the facility you visit.  If they have litters of pups available for adoption, that should be a red flag.  Where do you think those litters come from?  They will tell you they come from horrible "puppy mills" and they rescued the moms.  That is not always the case.  Make sure you do your research on them. 
The United States Humane Society whom I believe when first conceived was probably an honorable enterprise has now turned into an animal rights activist group in alignment with groups like ASPCA and PETA.    One of their missions is to put every breeder out of business by tainting the public.  It is well documented that the photos they use of "puppy mills" are either extremely outdated or taken in foreign countries.  They have put out a "Horrible 100 Puppy Mills in the United States" list each year for the past few years.  Although, to my knowledge they have never been to my kennel or really know anything about me, they have put me on this list.    This is absolutely ludicrous.   Check out this link to see a commercial that was run during the 2017 Super Bowl to help expose The Humane Society for  what it is.
I am subjected to random visits by the Illinois Department of Agriculture as well as our county health and animal control departments and have always had great reports regarding the housing, health and cleanliness of our kennel.  I am a member of the Cavalry Group who protects and defends breeders from this type of attack and defamation.
If you have taken the time to research the type of pup that would be best suited to your lifestyle and family and taken the time to research our kennel, please take the time to research the United States Humane Society.  Only 1% of donations actually go to helping animals, the rest goes to propaganda and padding the CEO's bank accounts, which he happens to keep in the Cayman Islands.  Why does a not-for-profit organization need a tax haven in the Cayman Islands.  A very good resource to look into can be found at
Feel free to schedule a visit and meet our staff and see our facility and I am confident you will come away knowing that we have a loving, caring staff and a legal and well run kennel.  My facebook page has hundreds of very happy clients and we have had many repeat clients over the years.  Hopefully the great reviews we receive every day will help to ease your mind.
We work 24/7 for the care of our animals and to have an organization such as HSUS try to destroy us is heartbreaking.    
Below please find a letter written by our attorney.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

A couple of pups got haircuts today. Wanted to show them off as they sure are handsome boys!

White male Schnauzer
Cream Color Schnauzer

Black Schnoodle
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