Monday, December 14, 2015

It has been a little crazy around here.

We want to thank everyone that has ever visited our kennel in the past and express our gratitude for your patience during this hectic time of year. 
For those who have not yet visited, please plan to spend about an hour here.  We know that everyone is busy.  If you have prior commitments and you are going to be rushed, we would ask that you schedule appropriately when you have a little more time. We want to do our best in giving you our attention and direction as to what to expect when taking a new "baby" home.  
The seasoned pet owner, won't need as much instruction, however, we still have a checklist that we go over as we want the transition to go as smoothly as possible for everyone, especially the new four legged one. 

We have many great pups still available before the end of this year.  I am making changes daily to the pages to try to keep it as updated as possible.
With that being said, we are having a price increase starting January 1.  The prices listed on the pages are for the current pups.  If there are no pups available at this time and I have noted that we have an upcoming litter in January, I have already made the change.  Most pups have been increased approximately $25.00.