Monday, October 26, 2015

Asking for some consideration please!!!

We had one of the craziest busy weekends we have had since opening.
As hard as I try to schedule properly, it seems we have been getting incredibly backed up.  We had families show up an hour late, an hour early and those with no appointments at all.  It took a great toll on everyone involved. 

We are not a pet store, where you can just show up and walk down aisles looking at pups.  No one but staff is allowed in our kennel.    We have moms with their babies and they are very susceptible to picking up just about anything.

One of our goals is to give each client our undivided attention as to choosing the right pup for them.  We have a lot of information that we pass along in written and verbal form and this takes time.

Please realize that when we schedule a visit for you, you are not the only person that will be looking at pups that day.  It is very important that you show up as close to your time frame as possible. 
With that being said, we understand their are traffic delays and things that cannot be helped.  It also means that if a family is having a hard time making a decision, we may be running a little behind as well.  This is a very important decision that you are making.  Usually a 10-15 year commitment and we want you to choose the right pup for you. 

As always, thank you for visiting our website and kennel.  We truly appreciate each and everyone of you!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lots and Lots of new pups are going to be ready for their new homes starting tomorrow, October 23.

We have gorgeous pups that will be ready tomorrow.
You can check the links to the right for more information and pics of what will be available.
We have Olde English Bulldogges, Maltipoos, Teddy Bears, Shih Tzus, Maltese, Yorkipoos, Morkies, Pugs, Yorkies, Chihuahua, Boston Terriers, Bichons, Schnauzers, Shihpoos and Dachshunds.
I will be posting pics between today and tomorrow.