Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ok, I think I have returned everyones inquiries ???? and a sale on those pups still here from last litters.

I have answered all voicemails and emails as far as I know.  If you contacted me sometime last week and I have not responded, please forgive me and get in touch again.  I should be back on track now!  Making appointments for all of the pups listed on the site at this time. 
Thank you for your patience.
We still have 6 pups hanging around looking for their new homes.  They are 3-4 months in age.  Many people think it is important to get the pup as early as possible for ease in potty training.  I do not agree.  I think a little maturity goes a long way when trying to housebreak a pup.  They have bigger bladders and can hold it a little longer.  People that take my older discounted pups tell me they trained very easily.  So, if that is a concern, I don't believe it should be.
One Rat Terrier:  Usually $500 reduced to $250.
Three Long Hair Chihuahuas:  Usually $600 reduced to $250.
One Maltipoo:  Usually $575 reduced to $500.
One Chorky:  Usually $600 reduced to $500.
One Chiweenie:  usually $575 reduced to $500.
These are great pups and will make wonderful family pets.  More information can be found on the links to the right.  Thanks for visiting our website.