Sunday, January 12, 2014

We have reduced the price on 8 of the pups that are available at this time.

When pups have been here waiting for their new homes for longer than a month or so, at times I will reduce their prices.  If you look at older blogs, you will see that I don't think there is any thing detrimental about bringing a pup home that 3 or 4 months old vs. an 8-10 week old pup.  I actually believe there are some advantages.  They are more mature and are ready to learn quicker.  Their bladder is larger and the can usually go all night without needing to go potty and they don't have as many adjustment issues and crying thru the night as the younger ones sometimes do.  That being said, I don't want people afraid of an 8-10 week old either.  They all adjust and they all train, the key to success is consistency.  My crate training link, gives you my tips in a nutshell and I am always available to go through it with you.
On sale:  1 Morky Male - DOB is 9-18-13 reduced to $475, 1 Poodle Male - DOB 9-11-13 reduced to $400, 1 Min Pin Female DOB 7-15-14 recuced to $300, 1 Maltipoo M - DOB 7-30-13 reduced to $300, 1 Female Schnauzer-$500, 1 Pug Female Black DOB is 9-18-13 reduced to $500 and 2 long hair Male chihuahuas reduced to $500.
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