Monday, September 2, 2013

I am rehoming three of my moms who are being retired from breeding.

We have Two Yorky moms approximately 6 years old, who I have had spayed after their last litter.  They have great personalities and will make wonderful pets.  They are used to using a doggie door and will need a refresher course on potty training.  I can let them run in my yard without fear of them running away.  They come right back when called and are just charming.  I will post pics of them within the next few days. 
I also have a Chihuahua mom who needs to be rehomed.  She is just 2 years old, but due to complications with her second litter, we had her spayed.  She is a little shy, but loves to be held and snuggled.  She also loves to play with her toys.  She too, uses a doggie door with no problem but will need a refresher course on house training.  My rehoming on these three is $150.00  This is a picture of Dora, the chihuahua.