Tuesday, February 26, 2013

List and Pics of New litters that will be available next week . . .

Ok, new litters will be ready to be seen anytime after Thursday, March 7.  We have two litters of cavapoos, 2 litters of Morkies, 1 litter of Cockapoos, 1 litter of Yorkipoos,  litter of Maltipoos and 1 litter of Boston Terriers.  All ready for their new home next week.  I have posted pics on the links to the right.  If you are already on the waiting list, don't worry your spot is held, if you are interested in any of the pups, give me a call to get on the waiting list.  I will begin making calls this weekend to start scheduling appts for next week.
With that being said, I guess it is time to discount a few of the pups that are still here from the last litters to make space for the new pups.
Therefore, I will take $400 on any of the Teddy Bears that are left.  2 girls and 4 boys.  Their usual price is $475.00.  I can schedule appts for the pups that are ready right now at anytime, so give us a call.
ps.  we are expecting a grandson at any moment and I am fortunate enough to be allowed in the delivery room, so I won't be available during that time, but only little Casey knows when that is going to happen.    So, if I am unable to answer the phone, leave a message, I will get back to you asap.

Monday, February 25, 2013

My husband was sick of his honey do list . . .

so, he asked if there was something else he could work on.  I suggested, he could sit in the office and play with pups and try to get some better snapshots of the darlings and he jumped right on it. 
The two chihuahuas that are left from our litter are the tiniest things and I sure would love to see them placed together.  They are very attached to each other and because of their size it would be great for them to go to the same home.  Therefore, I am offering a pretty generous discount if you are willing to take them both into your home.  They are $400 each, but I will take $700 for both of them.  Please understand that I need to be selective to the type of home they go to.   A home with small children probably is not in there best interest.  They are playful, energetic pups, but still only about 1.5# and they are over 12 weeks old.  They will have to be in a home where they don't have the chance of falling down stairs or off a couch, etc.  These are probably the smallest ones we have had.  I know that there are breeders who take advantage of their size and charge $1000's for them.  I don't do that, but am very careful as to where they go. 

After 30 minutes playing with the chihuahuas, he played with the Chi/Poos.  They are not easy to get a decent shot of because they are constantly on the move.  Although, if you hold them one on one in your arms, they do settle down and enjoy sitting on your lap.  I don't understand why no one has shown interest in these pups.  They are absolutely darling and will be on the small side.  They should not weigh more than 6# full grown.  They have the advantage of the poodles non-shed coat and to me, they look like little tiny toy versions of a black poodle.  One of the problems is that black is not easy to photograph and they don't look nearly as cute as they are.  So, please consider one of these pups, they will make a great addition to most families.    We have two boys and two girls available.  $450 each. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

5 Year old granddaughter was my photographer!

She loves to play with the pups.  So, I asked her to take pics for me yesterday.  She did pretty good and caught a cute shot of the chihuahuas playing tug of war, with one in the back looking on.  I was also able to update the chihuahua link with more current and nicer pics of each pup that is still looking for her new home.  Check it out.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Schnauzers got their cute little haircuts.

Nothing cuter than a tiny little schnauzer in a traditional schnauzer haircut.  Got the salt and peper girl and the white boy groomed so far.  .  .

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ok... this is exactly why I need to stick to my guns regarding deposits.

In the last few years that I have had this blog/website I have never gone on a rant, I guess there is a first time for everything. 
Without going into a ton of detail, let me explain why I expect a deposit to hold a pup (or in this case 2 pups).
After a month of phone calls regarding an upcoming litter of schnauzers, a young man assures me that he wants two pups.  Last week he comes to visit, spends about 45 minutes playing and holding, fills out the contract for two of the pups.  I ask him what type of deposit he is going to leave and he tells me that he can't leave anything that day, but promises to come back over the weekend with payment in full.   He asks if they will have a haircut, and I agree that I will give them a haircut prior to him picking them up.  I do not hear from him again and when I call him, he hangs up on me.  Really!    I always like to think the best of people and be trusting and then this sort of thing happens.  (and shame on me, it hasn't been the first time)
When you ask me to hold a pup, it is a leap of faith for me to do so without getting a deposit.  You might have the best of intentions, but then something changes and you change your mind.  Where does that leave me?  It leaves me with missed opportunities to place that pup in another home, which is not fair to me or the puppy. 
The moral of this story is that I will NOT hold a pup without a 50% non-refundeable deposit. 
The only part of me that is ok with the way things worked out is that if he behaved that way towards me, then I am glad he doesn't have one of my pups and I have already been able to place one of th pups in the best home ever!  Thank you to the wonderful couple that came to visit today. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

We are officially BACK from vacation.

Boo Hoo, but the good news is we had a great time and were able to relax.  Now back to our real lives.
I will be starting to make phone calls to those of you on my waiting list to set set up appointments.  We can start showings Tuesday after 12:00 noon.  If you are not on a waiting list yet, don't hesitate to call and inquire and set up a time for you to see a pup that is available.  The links to the right give you more info and a few pictures.  I will be snapping better pics sometime tomorrow.  Thanks for visiting my site and I hope to talk with you soon.