Friday, November 16, 2012

My Office is Finished! well almost

. . . and ready for me to start using!  Three years is a long time but we are very happy with the results.  Starting next Friday, 11/23 we will begin showing in the back building.  It is a stone building at the back of our property that is completely handicapped accessible along with a handicapped restroom.  I also will have the cage combos ready for sale.  If you purchase the whole combination it saves you a few dollars.  We also have gift baskets and accessories that will be available. 
We are available to show pups today and tomorrow and then are heading out of town for the holiday.  We will resume showing pups again on Friday, November 23.  Give us a call anytime (even while we are out-of-town) to schedule a showing time.  The closer we get to Christmas the quicker my appointment calendar gets filled.