Saturday, July 21, 2012

English Bulldogs and other New pups!!! husband is so excited, it is a dream come true for him, he finally after years of waiting has gotten an English Bulldog Puppy.  I have been dragging my feet, wanting to find the best example possible and the best time for us to train another pup.  I did find what I consider to be an outstanding litter of pups, but technically it is not the best time to train as we recently aquired a black lab pup.  I often tell people that its just as easy to train two at once as it is to train one.  Well now I have to put my words into action.   
The good news for anyone looking for a high quality English Bulldog, is that I have 2 of the pups brothers for sale.  While visiting my family, I came upon a couple who live in the same town my sister lives and they had 3 puppies left from their litter that are AKC registered and the dad is the most awesome example of an English, so I took all three.  Look to the links on the right to get more info on the two boys that are available.

Our new litters that consist of cockapoos, cockers, yorkipoos and min pins are ready for viewing and their new homes too. 
As usual, once new litters of pups are available I start discounting the pups that are just a few weeks older.  Therefore, I am discounting the poodle to $400, the schnoodle to $375 and the chihuahua to $325.