Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday, May 6

My cousin, who breeds many of my pups had to make an unexpected visit and brought some pups along.  I will still have the litters available between May 16 and the 23rd that I have mentioned in previous posts.  So, now there are a few more pups available ready for their new homes right now that I wasn't expecting.  We have a male white mini schnauzer, another male westy, 2 min pins - 1 girl and 1 boy and 3 Teddy Bears.  This is in addition to the pups that were previously listed.  You can check the links to the right to get all of the specifics.  I got pictures of all of the new pups this morning except for the schnauzer, who decided to walk through his water bowl right before it was his turn for a picture.  So, tomorrow, I think I will give him his little schnauzer haircut and take his pic at that time.
This is my favorite pic of the day.
If you need more info or want to schedule a time to visit or get on the waiting list, just give me a call.
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