Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday, January 14

New litters of pups are available to be seen today. I am posting pics as fast as I can. Originally due to my schedule I did not think I would be able to start showing them till Tuesday, but thanks to Phoebe and her unexpected birthing, my schedule opened up. So, the pups are ready to be seen and go to their new homes. Check the links to the right.
Ok as a little side note that has nothing to do with pups; it has to do with the right batteries for the camera in order to get that perfect puppy Kodak moment. While at Menards (my home away from home) while the kennel is still under construction, I found this great "deal". A 24 pack of Sunbeam AA batteries practically for free, once you send in the mail rebate. So, out I go to the puppy house to snap away. Ugh. I could not even finish photographing 12 pups with a brand new pair of batteries in the camera. Therefore, if you visited the site earlier and some of the links still did not have new pics, now you know why. I just finished trudging through the snow with a couple sets of new batteries in my pocket and got the pics I was missing. Surely, a lesson to be learned.