Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday, June 9

Don't forget FREE, FREE, FREE Kittens!! Orange Stripes and Black Stripes. Unfortunately, my 3 girls who are sisters were visited by a wandering boy. The result was 3 litters of kittens born within a week of each other. I should have taken pictures as they were raising them. It was amazing, first two of the girls moved their kittens together and would both lay with them and let them nurse together. Then when they were all about 3 weeks old, I went out to the kennel building and they had moved all of the kittens (total of 10) into one big pile. They took turns on nursing shifts. One would lay with them for several hours and then they would rotate. Animals are most incredible. They never cease to amaze me.
On to puppy business . . .
The reduced cockapoo went to his new home this evening. I have added better pics of the schnoodles and dachshunds. If you are thinking about a chihuahua, the price on these pups is great! These are going to be pretty small adults. Full grown weight should be right around 4#. I have seen prices on pups like these for $1000 and more. I will keep adding new pics as I get them taken.